Sun, May 26, 2019


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colinmyles a macchiato cafe plays avant-garde jazz potted cactus plant #haiku #micropoetry #Jazz
colinmyles Thank you for the Retweets @hwl76
colinmyles RT @Bollywoodirect: "How #Spiderman came into being" Believe In Yourself- #StanLee @_AdilHussain @ShoojitSircar @nikkhiladvani @anuragkashy
colinmyles RT @RobGMacfarlane: Word of the day: "corvids" - those birds that form the family Corvidae, including crows, rooks, jays, choughs, magpies,…
colinmyles summer's evening cool cross breeze through the windows Coltrane's love supreme #haiku #micropoetry

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